TF2 Modern Weapons

I was playing GMOD and I began thinking that “We need some Modern Weapons for the TF2 Guys”.

Here is what I suggest


M24 or M95
m136 or SMAW
M4 or AK-47
Remington or Spaz 12
9mm or 357mm
Desert Eagle
M60 or M249
C4 or Claymore

No, the theme of TF2 is cartoony on purpose, that’s why the weapons are all from ye olden days.

still, they would be good to have.

not really

it’d look stupid because the style wouldn’t fit with the rest of the tf2 atmosphere

Somebody made an ATV and to me that did not fit the 60s atomsphere.

What’s up with people constantly putting pictures in media tags now?

I really just want them for GMOD

There are already plenty of hexed weapons for Gmod.

But there is nearly none for TF2 in terms of Modern Weaponry

But you just said that you wanted it for Gmod, so it doesn’t matter if it’s for TF2 or not.

i don’t get it do you want tf2style’d modern weapons

or just modern weapons

It doesn’t.

It didn’t fit with the 60s atmosphere but it was able to match the TF2 art style while still being recognizable and not looking stupid, so it fit into TF2.

I Modern Weapons that would look good with the TF2 Guys. That have the same cartoony style to them.

TF2 is set in the '60s.

Most of the guns you suggested probably didn’t even exist back then.

I don’t care.

They wouldn’t look good as such, they would need to be caricaturized and styled to the cartoony style.