TF2 NPC Issues

So I’ve been wanting to get into some Team Fortress 2 machinima for quite some time. I’ve learned how to use Faceposer with TF2 models and make lip syncing, flex animations, and everything. I also learned how to execute my .vcds into Garry’s Mod via console commands.

Now here’s my issue: I can’t find any working TF2 NPCs. I need the NPCs to activate the .vcd onto so that I have my scene.

I downloaded this and installed it into my

steamapps > myusername > garrysmod > garrysmod folder, and then into my addons folder. Neither seemed to work out.

If anyone can give any insight on this it would be appreciated.

Tf2 models dont have hl2 animations
But you have the tf2 sniper and spy npc
this will work

I wasn’t using HL2 animations. :S I was using the normal TF2 animations from the SDK.

Also, what is the ‘Warning!
DL’ing the original models will break the animations’ thing?