tf2 npcs

i got to say no one has tried to make tf2 npcs that has working animations

so can anyone make tf2 npcs, i know it will be hard but make the npcs move and make them use there normal weapons , no trolling god damnit

if anyone completes this task leave a download link in this thread and i will be done with requests for a long time

Are you kidding me? Saying this is hard is a gross understatement and I’m fairly certain you don’t know just how hard this would be. Putting aside the huge variety in classes and all of them having an essentially different purpose, just think about the variety of weapons in tf2 and how each one would need its own prediction equations and usage AI. As a programmer implementing tf2 bots that are anything like the actual tf2 bots would be twice as hard as making css bots in GMod. Not to mention you’d need a full fledged tf2 gamemode to go with the bots.

I recommend making requests for things that aren’t immensely difficult if you hope to see them carried out.

I remember some one made TF2 bots but they don’t actually act like the ones in TF2. He also never released it since it was broken from a update

Ha! Another absurd Sniiper request.

Dude, AI is fucking hard to do. No one is going to do this, not even for money (unless you pay a lot). Stop making crazy requests that no one is going to do.

dude i only want them to use their default weapons not unlockables

for example bat not sandman, minigun, not natasha

Way to rate yourself, dickbreath.

Even the standard weapons are too fucking difficult, stop making requests!

Oh god.

CapsAdmin made a bit of npc-s. I remember only heavy what ran around with a mingigun and ate sandwiches.
He didn’t release it.

Doesn’t change the fact that AI is hard to do.

I tried but I gave up when I realized no maps were noded

There you go, now be happy and lay off the constant requests.

stacker these are not what i said i want ones that are able to move and use there normal weapons. not ones that use weapons in their dick or crotch

Stacker is the greatest! I love using those SNPCs!

I’m trying to make a point that everyone understands except for you, sniper. :doh:

Don’t worry, it has not yet been universally accepted into the community because the low lying political and existential themes and questions the entity poses are simply too great to be comprehended in such a environment of small minded and sub-intelligent thoughts that run in direct tandem with the mind that sparked the creation of this very thread.

In other words, you have created god itself


[sp] What did I just write [/sp]

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gordon you wrote you have created god itself

maybe I can try recreating the tf2 npcs and base it off silverlan’s npc base which you’d have to manually place nodes manually with a stool

it’s just that I don’t really feel all that motivated to do it atm

Speaking of which, how did you get them to correctly animate?

what do you mean? do you mean like you normally can’t animate them? because you can with the functions you have in gmod without any hacking

you just use npc:SetSequence() or whatever it was. I had the tf2 player model parented to a real npc and then I just made the tf2 player model play animations

capsadmin please try to make the npcs again people believe in you