TF2 Oldschool Pack - Hexed for GMod.

Could someone hex these for me, please?
Just the ragdolls. Not the gibs / weapons.


um, I’m pretty sure these are for goldsrk or whatever the engine was called. We’d have to first port the models into source compatability, and then they’d already be hexed. (Cause it’s it’s own model already) Maybe shotgunguy can do this? It’d probably be better in his thread for ports of this engine. Why don’t you ask him there?

No, their model replacements for the TF2 guys made to look old school

By oldschool i hope you mean TF graphics.

no you dont get it these are for TF2. these are not for TF.

ah, I know now. I was wrong. I admit it. It’s just that I saw these awhile ago, but for TFC only. Eh, guess I should have waited for the link to work before I opened my mouth. Sorry dude.

If you want to try it yourself, here’s a tutorial:

Also, thank you for referring me to this skin