TF2 Particle Help

Hello, I’ve made this Winter Particle addon.

As you can see, it uses TF2 particle system xms.pcf
I tried to FastDL it with this:


But nothing worked. I think the particle system needs some materials or what…

Please someone help me.

(Bad english)

You are not sending materials

Which materials?

Particles naterial, you are just sending particles definitions, but you are missing the particle graphics, please save your time in asking us how to get those because you will have to search it manually in tf2 vpks

If you can provide the effect name passed through your code, I’ll glady find the material for you.

Okay, It’s


According to TF2’s particle editor that particle is using the following:


Try this:

resource.AddSingleFile( "materials/effects/snowflake01.vmt" )
resource.AddSingleFile( "materials/effects/sc_softglow.vmt" )
resource.AddSingleFile( "materials/effects/tp_sparkle.vmt" )

If you want people who don’t have TF2 to see this, obviously you’ll need the files, which you can download here:

let me know how this works out, I might be forgetting some materials.

Thank you so much! Works for everyone!