Tf2 physics in Gmod

I wonder if this has ever been asked. But is there a way to get the wacky tf2 physics ( the kind where you get killed and your body flings across the map) into gmod? I ask this because, I find it enjoyable to watch bodies fly off into the distance, possibly crashing into whatever in it’s path. It pleases me.

But anyway, is it possible? Or hey, I’ll even settle for some kind of weapon that’ll do it. Any help?

TF2 physics are the same as in Gmod, as they both use the same physics engine.

What makes the ragdolls in TF2 cartwheel across the map is a huge force being applied. It’s a similar effect to punting something with the gravity gun in HL2.

Then Lua script that applies huge forces to objects ?

The physics from tf2 were not modified physics. They simply modified the “skin” Of the ragdoll gibs, which do not collide with players (Thus, are allowed to be modified without any sort of incident)

The person who did this, honestly, could have done it in notepad.
He did this by going into models/player/hwm, and editing the .phy files. Normally rotdamping is around 2-10, he changed all the values to 45.000.

I know that is how he did it, but what rotdamping is, I have absolutely no fucking idea. So no, it would require editing of ALL of your models .phy files.

Rate me informative :cheers:


That would just lag.


Oh, and btw, I have the files from both ragmod and regular here, so I can tell you that my info is correct.

I think you may be trying to sound like an expert on something that is a lot simpler than you’re making it out to be. :v:

The flying ragdoll thing in TF2 is achieved by a large force. Lua coding would do it. Hell, Lua has done it. Just look at the Spartan Kick Swep.

Then why do the ragdolls BOUNCE AROUND EVERYWHERE?


That is just a fuckton of damage. Plus, it has been broken for me a few updates ago :C

I’ve never actually noticed the ragdolls bouncing around everywhere in-game but I assume a similar effect could be achieved with ease in Gmod by as soon as the ragdoll is created, having Lua make its physical properties as “super bouncy” or something.

That would do absolutely nothing. The ragdolls bounce as in, they don’t lose energy or anything, they just keep bouncing.

Clearly seen at 0:24.

Just trust me on this, this is not a code, this is a skin, a physics file modification, you can’t replicate this without file modification.

Actually, this gave me an Idea. You’ll see it on fps banana in the skins/ragdolls section this week.


He also changed damping to -15 so that it would not lose energy.