Tf2 pictures, Pikmin, and Strider/Cscanner pose/edit.

A few posing and editing I did. Approval waiting.

One engineer is sometimes not enough. Especially when a turret is turned one way

Died right before the medic got to him. Also I suck at fire effects so I use default ones sometimes.

Learning the arts of honoring one’s blood. Stink at blood editing.

Love playing Pikmin. These Blue Pikmin are right next to the water on a sandy beach. Collecting headcrabs; Limit is two Pikmin to carry. Will do more Pikmin later on.

Right after Gordon and Alyx make a break for it to the trains. Striders follow while one stabbed a fast zombie on the way.

Isolation is a little new to me, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Also, maybe I will just keep updating this thread with new ones. Rate, hate and whatever.

“A few posing and editing”?

Anyway, the pictures are quite good (although maybe a little over edited at times)

Also, I understand the zombie going off the black bars, but why the cigarette smoke?

The last one is awesome, and all of them seem very nice.

The last one is ace!

The cigarette smoke is there because I put it there. It doesn’t really matter don’t you think?

The last one took me a few seconds to figure out what was even going on… and why is there a mine floating in the sky?

Looks like he is licking it with his cigarette. :v:

The pictures aren’t too bad, but why is the spy going all Vamp on his knife in the third pic?
You either are a fan of MGS, or you just think it’s cool for people to lick (possibly diseased) blood off of knives.

A reference to Vamp. Haven’t played yet and yes Spartan, he’s licking his knife with his cigarette. :stuck_out_tongue: