tf2 Pilot Ragdoll (RED BLU and Beta RED and BLU Request)

Is anyone willing to a ragdoll of this fellow? In RED BLU and Beta RED and Beta BLU if possible the picture was made by Michaelfirman on DeviantART who I had permission from, I just hope someone will consider it! If not thats okay but I would greatly appreciate it!

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if it’s not a model it would have to be modeled, textured, rigged, and compiled; a lot of work.

i think i’ve seen a thread of this before, and someone did a little work on it, but just the body… what ever happened to him?

She could not complete it something happened on her computer and it was lost, but I’m hoping someone could take the time to do it, if not thats okay but I would GREATLY appreciate it, I know it does not take 1 2 3 but I am willing to be patient about it

I know it just was getting far below and I was afraid it was going to get swept away among the other posts

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Indeed and I am willing to have the patience I understand it takes a lot of work

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I’m pretty sure Rebbacus could do this if she didn’t have anything on her plate atm.

i support this


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my freind tinak is real good at these, but i’m not sure if he’ll be able to do this guy or not, and then again, he usually needs me to help get them into source.

I tried to, she couldn’t finish it that was the problem