TF2 Pilot

Anyone willing to make a model of this guy? I think either Soldier’s or Spy’s build could be useful to base this guy off but you can be the judge

and Perhaps add a winged jetpack to his back if possible?

it was drawn by Michalefirman on Deviantart

Here’s some of his info if your interested,

Class Name: Pilot

Real Name: Trevor Hopkins(RED) Humphrey Wattson (BLU)

Class Type: Support

Weapons: Uzi, Machine Gun-armed Jet pack, Small wooden Mallet (Like a Judges Gauntlet)

Nationality: British

Occupation: Scientist, former Royal Air Force Pilot


Bio: A rather jolly gentlemen who used to serve the Royal Air Force, until he was removed of his title from an “tiny accident” according to Pilot’s claim. He soon after started using his knowledge of aerodynamics to build himself a Jet pack that allows him to fly through the air for a brief amount of time and glide back to the ground via the wings on his pack.

Pros: Pilot can fly through the air for a brief amount of time and glide down, he can also fire a pair of powerful machine guns attached to the ends of his wings, he can also pick up other lightweight and fairly weight players such as Scout and Soldier but it burns up rocket fuel faster. Rocket fuel can be reloaded from a ammo box and/or a dispenser

Cons: The wings on his jet pack can create wind resistance on the ground causing him to walk slower on the ground than in the air, also if he gets in the water or is hit with Jarate, he has to wait 10 sec’s for his jet pack to dry



the headgear dont seem like it fits but i do like this idea :smiley:

thanks! Spread this around and hopeful someone can make a model/ragdoll of this guy!


Thank you!

Support! :rock:

Thank you!

Why put class info? He isn’t going to become the 10th class.


Yeah but I did it for 2 reasons

  1. Its kinda fun

  2. Its kinda like advertising, you gotta put some bells and whistles in to get some attention

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Thank you!

Thought i might take a stab at make a model for him :stuck_out_tongue:
(just a work in progress.)