tf2 playermodels

never mind this thread is dead if its mis spelled then sry

First things first: Don’t you think people have asked for this already? They have and the answer is usually the same. The TF2 character models are not the right size, the Sniper and the Spy are the closest to the right size but not quite. You can see that they are slumped over when they are holding certin weapons.

Second: Wait for the Team Fortress 2 Gamemode to be finshed.

Third: Use capital letters, punctuation and full words. This is not your clan’s server, we use correct grammer!

this is dead you can leave

Oh that’s not nice. If you want people to do things for you for free, you need to ask nicely.


You should be nicer

But really I’d like to see this done and it is true that they slump i believe the guy making the game mode has Heavy done and he looks skinny… So no this isn’t really possible. And you should call ppl names on internet. Cause your most likely That which you call others