TF2 playermodels

Hi. my name is Mikkel, im from denmark and im 15 years old, i had a user on this side for a year or something, but never used it, until when i bought garrys mod. This forum is really good.

my request is, is there any TF2 player models? not the spy or sniper, i got them, but like pyro, he is the one i want, if anyone could make them or just pyro, that would be cool, sorry if im posting the wrong place.


It was attempted, and never finished.
Getting the TF2 models to fit on the HL2 rig is pretty difficult without them being horribly disfigued.

The TF2 models are too big. Won’t work unless you want to be a T-posed pyro with a physgun poking out your head.

On a side note: Pyro isn’t a “he” because the Pyro is a woman. :confused:

the “pyro is a woman” is just a myth. you shouldn’t judge it because you think it.

I guess we won’t know until “Meet the Pyro” is made.

Which even then will probably be mumbling with subtitles.

Here we go again…

but i saw that snood had made it?

Jesus christ the pyro has a MALES muffled voice! His voice actor was Dennis Bateman a GUY!

Jesus christ Bart Simpson has a BOYS annoying voice! His voice actor was Nancy Cartwright a WOMAN!

Because it’s hard to find a woman who can naturally make her voice sound muffled and deep as if behind a mask?

This thread is not about the Pyro’s gender, It is about TF2 playermodels for Garry’s Mod.

Yes, Snood_1990 did make some models, but he gave up on them.

No, he doesn’t have the models anymore.

well, okay thanks

Someone made the spy and sniper playermodels… :stuck_out_tongue:

But no pyro, shame you dont want the spy or sniper…

Because Meet the Pyro and EP3 will solve every question ever made.

Or maybe, Valve wants to fuck with us and realize some things are best left unknown.