TF2 + Pokemon =

Pretty psyched about the new game… so in honor of my two favorite games, I made some crappy gmods of em.

I don’t know whether to be revolted or amused by this.
I guess I’m revused.

Yeah. It’s pretty ridiculous. Idk what to think myself.

I laughed at the heavy snorlax. turn AA up!

You had to invent a new word.

I guess I’m revused as well. :geno:

…I…Don’t know what to say… :byodood:

Poketress 2

Rated art.

The Pyro on the whale made me laugh.

You need AA. Seriously. And Up your Graphics to the MAX.

Holy shit snorlax, what a badass mother fucker.

**Snorlax **and Heavy would make a nice team couple.

first picture is so damn blurry

I demand a Heavy themed reskin of the Snorlax model lol even if I dont have TF2.

Yeah, sorry about the shitty quality. I’m very new to gmod posing. :I

The posing itself is actually rather good. You just need to up the graphics.

Y’know, not bothered by the lack of AA.
Was just fucking funny.
Here’s a token for .25 internets, don’t spend them all in one place.