Tf2 Punch-out!

Posing by me, editing by Enhanced AI

Lol nice.
Love the editing.
Spy pwning heavy lol.

hahahaha, the heavy’s face. very funny picture, 9/10. you should put in the domination Tf2/punchout logo in it somewhere

Nice. Although it should’ve been a Blu Spy.

Nice, I’m really enjoying these pictures of TF2 in a diffrent game idea.

500 post, horray for me. :cheers:

As am I friend…as am I

Is TF2 with the HUD of another genre of game the new in-thing now or something? Ideas like this are only good when they’re fresh. There’s nothing wrong with this picture; it’s very good, but the concept doesn’t seem nearly as striking any more.

I don’t know, this whole “TF2 in a different game” thing kinda came back from the dead.

I think I’d prefer the scout as Little Mac, and Demo as the coach.

But w/e, I like it all the same.

Apparently I’ve said something pretty distasteful.