TF2 Ragdoll Fingerposing Error?

Back in the day, Before the Gmod Update, I had multiple problems with fingerposing the TF2 Ragdolls, Some of the models (Mostly Scout and Engineer) would be unresponsive on the two joints above the finger. When I bent them, they did absolutely nothing, and just sat there. I tried many methods to try and fix it, but I ultimately resulted to re-installing Gmod. But to no avail, the problem still arose. This is becoming a nuisance and I cant find a single working solution anywhere.

So please, if you guys have a way to fix this, let me know.

Just in case you dont know what the fuck im talking about, heres a screenshot

So, Any solutions to this shitstorm?

Happens to me sometmes and also when im going too far away from the model, the finger posing goes to default

same happens to me