TF2 ragdoll problems

So recently I noticed whenever I try to spawn Team Fortress 2 ragdolls, they show up colored black, except for the ubered ragdolls, I’m not sure what caused this

the only reason I know is because it couldnt load something called “yellowlevel”

noice that that happened after the classless update was released.

team garry… please fix

You mean like this?

No worries you are not the only one suffering from this problem.

Demoman: “Dont worry laddy, ive lived like this all my life.”

Why is this happening?

is that ment to be racist??

Is it a problem?


Im sure its Valves Fault, We Must spam them with Hate Mail and Letter bombs

Theres a solution here

no its not meant to be racist, just because the colour of skin is mentioned dosnt mean its racist.

im sorry if it offended you, you might be a bit sensitive.

That’s a reupload of stolen work.

I also have got that glitch, but two seconds after spawning ragdoll I get that error:

It also happens when I play Team Fortress 2 TD.
And I assume that fix above is not replacing HWM models.

Theres the fix for the yellow level:

haha, no not at all :stuck_out_tongue: was just asking ^^