TF2 ragdolls gets a yellowish texture

Sorry to take up space on the forum, but recently I’ve run into a problem with my Gmod, most of my TF2 ragdolls has started to get this weird yellowish texture over them. This has happend on both the red and the blue ragdolls but its more noticable on the blue ones, the only ragdolls that arent effected is Scout and Sniper.
Weapons and other props seems to be uneffected aswell.

I’ve tried putting ragdolls in different places and in different levels but I’ve come up with the same results so I know its not the lighting thats causing it.

If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it.
Thank you.

Looks strangely like bloom settings.

Probably not, but that’s kinda what it looks like.

Looks like Jarate effects to me.

I’m getting the same effects as well.

If you look at the Heavys head you can see that’s not affected.

Looks like the jarate effect, as for some reason it doesn’t affect faces.

Copy the player vmt’s from TF2 into your garrysmod folder and remove “$yellow” “0” from the body and head vmt’s. For example, “demoman_red.vmt” and “demoman_head_red.vmt”. Do this for all the classes and it will work just fine.

I apologise if I sound like a complete idiot right now but I think I know which files you’re talking about, my only problem is that I dont know where to find em.
And to remove “$yellow” “0” do I do it in the in-game console or in notepad++?

Actually you can just use plain old Notepad to open .vmt files XD

They’re in the TF2 GCF file.

That you can, but VTFEdit is better as it has error checking.

Thanks a million to Silver Spirit and Superfrog, the models works great again

np :slight_smile:

Thanks too, I had the same problem for the Nova Prospect Combine (But a LOT more yellowish)

Hey, I helped too! XD

Nice posing, btw.