(TF2) Re-animating First Person Animations?

I’m looking for some tutorial on animating view model animations in Team Fortress 2.
How to import/export the animations, etc. (I am NOT asking how to animate!)
I’m sorry to have this junk thread that has probably been asked over and over again, but google didn’t help, and the Gamebanana tutorial is gone.
So if someone could post a link to a thread another web-page that has such instructions, that would be great.

Sorry again.


No, I just wanted to do it for practice and fun.
Plus, it would be amazing to play with my own animations.

TF2 uses c_models.

Most of them, anyway.


Could someone link me to the thread? I can’t find it.


I’ve made it this far:
I’ve decompiled c_spy_animations.mdl with Cannon Fodder’s MDL Decompiler, and there are .smd’s for seperate animations.
(I have the import .smd addon, but I get an error when I try to import one.)
When I try to import one, I get an error, and nothing appears except the number of frames, and its name.