TF2 Request.

Could someone save as model doors on rolls? I mean the model.
#1 Doors

#2 Unusual Effects(?)
Is it possible to get from TF2 to Gmod as effect thing.

#3 Frontier Justice w/ pump , w/out pump

Thanks, and have fun.

Some map has the door open animated, but garry would need to do something about those, if those don’t work.

Unusual effect are particle effect somewhere in the GCF, probably has it’s own model somewhere.

And frontier justice, i think Jason already made some props with them like that, not sure, you’ll have to check on garrymod downloads.

Since you can’t proparly move Door ragdolls (goes up and down only), I can’t make few poses with it.
And yes. Could someone Rip it off from map.

That’d nice