tf2 saxton hale model needs rigging

made a saxton hale model, would love to see it rigged and in gmod.

here is the obj files and textures.

and the original update

Yall need to help this guy

You made that model? Looks freakin awesome. Gonna try to rig it. Dont expect to see a finished product. Im pretty busy.


Smoothing is broken, please fix it! And the textures would be better in .tga format.

If this model gets rigged, I’ll die a happy man.

From the looks of the update pages, he’s already rigged. If you supply me with that model with the bones and such I can get him in-game, no problem.

Supply me the model save (like 3ds max format? .max) or if not then .smd format.

If you can’t do that then I’ll see what I can do with the obj.

Obj’s break smoothing, if all he can supply is the obj then he can’t do that.

rigged pretty poorly, couldnt export as fbx, had to go with default maya format.

I posted it on TF2chan, currently waiting for proper responses. If you’re lucky, maybe Chemical Alia could even rig it for you… when she’s done with her current work. Maybe… sniff maybe.

i posted there, thank you.

Isn’t his chest hair shaped as America though


That happens, and the World will be a better place.

A Sniper replacement would be amazing, but I dunno if it could be done and it would certainly be out of character.

The flaw is that Saxton Hale would be more like a mix between the Heavy, the Demo and the Soldier, with the Spy’s charm, the Scout’s speed and the Engineer and Medic’s intelligence.

And he could just sleep with the Pyro or something.

Useful for TF2 comics, someone please get on this posthaste.


Why would an Australian have America shaped chest hair?

I don’t pay attention to those TF2 comics by Valve that much so it was hard for me to even remember his chest hair was shaped as a Country

the fingers are just awful
and robin already said they have a 3d saxton hale model

Tres amazing.

any progress?

did they send him out in an update? As far as I know, they have him, we don’t.

it should be noted that the saxton hale in this image…

…is not a 3d model.

Where robin said they had a 3d model of saxton hale made up also eludes me, as googeling the terms results in nothing. But if you can provide a link to where he said it, i would be more then interested to see it.