TF2 Scout model as npc_citizen model?

I’ve been trying for three days to make TF2 scout model usable with npc_citizen. Basically, if you take raw model from TF2 (models/player/scout.mdl) and spawn npc_citizen using it, there will be no animations and model will be posed in ‘reference’ sequence, only spinning on one place.
Then I took sources of scout model from tf2 sdk content and began experimenting with it. So far the only thing I achieved is that scout citizen uses certain idle animation (that one which I marked with activity ACT_IDLE 1 in .qc or .qci). He also seems to be able to go into cover animations, as I marked some of them with ACT_COVER and similar acts. But no matter what, jackass won’t move. He just keeps spinning on one place, staring at me. I tried spawning enemies nearby, giving him orders as to member of my squad, throwing grenades under his feet (he sometimes goes into cover animations then, yes) and explicitly ordering him to move via npc_select and npc_go. Nothing. Tried compiling model with different names. Tried making a SNPC. Nothing. Yet the same SNPC with any of default citizen models moves perfectly.

I am lost. I don’t even know if this is the right section, maybe it’s more of a coding topic. I don’t know.
In case if this is of any help, here are scout’s .qc/.qci files from Source SDK. I didn’t make changes to anything else.


The scout freezes because the script is stopped by the lack of an animation to run.

I wish it were this easy.

it’s a lot harder than you expect it to be. you’d need to re-rig the scout with the valve rig, but that would give you distortion. your best bet is to animate all the npc_citizen animations yourself, but judging by your understanding i’d say you really weren’t up to that just yet.

oh, and movement is part of the animation, so no animations means no movement

I don’t think anyone on Facepunch is up to re-animating 400 sequences

well, you could always make ten or so and just use them for every animation. doesn’t look good but it’s functional.
So yeah. After learning a bit about source .qc commands and poking around in citizen’s decompiled .qc I managed to re-write scout’s Run_PRIMARY sequence, create basic run animation and finally make that mofo run around. Not a big deal probably, but from now on it will be easier for me to add other animations too.
And yeah, I don’t have plans on adapting whole bunch of scout’s anims to another bunch of citizen anims. Just basic stuff.

nice one, it would take most people a lot longer to work that out, me included

Since valve hasn’t given us the facial animations vta, you’ll have to make them yourself if you want them implemented. good luck if that’s your plan!

Nice work!

I think… their physics and animations are different. Just my opinion. mm… pancake and hotdog.