TF2 sdk not working?

I am trying to open up hammer in source sdk with the current game set as Team Fortress 2 and it doesn’t seem to be working after steam reformatted TF2.
I was just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem i am having. :frowning:

Edit: I have started up TF2 and refreshed the SDK and everything.

That’s because Source SDK is not yet set up to work with Steam Pipe games, so it can’t find the directory

I think i saw a solution somewhere where you’d make the team fortress 2/tf directory in the steamapps/username directory and extract the files from Team Fortress 2’s VPK files into the tf folder, but i’m not sure how good of a solution that is or if it even works

There’s probably a better way that i’m not aware of

Thanks a lot. I don’t really wanna mess around with that stuff cause i’d probably end up messing with something i shouldn’t have. Hope they do an update or something for it.

Source SDK is obsoleted. Please install the Beta Source SDK.

To get the beta, go to your steam library. Right click on Team fortress 2 and go to property. Over at the Betas tab, select the BetaSource_sdk. Wait for steam to download the files. To use the tools, you have to go to the bin folder of your new TF2 directory, and use the tools in that bin. (It includes hammer, vtex, studiomdl, and hldv)

Sweet thanks

I opted into the sdktools_beta, but nothing downloaded? Does the download not show up on Steam, or do i have to verify the game cache files?

If you opt into the beta and nothing downloads, try restarting steam.
If nothing happens, check your bin folder and find if the hammer.exe exist. If it does, it means it already downloaded.

Oh okay, so it is already downloaded, but how do i use Model Viewer? The (Steam) Load Model option brings me to the SFM Usermod directory, and the normal Load Model option can’t find TF2’s models in the tf directory

There also seems to be missing textures for things like the ground, background and such

At the moment, it’s in the beta. Things are prone to cause some unusual changes.

The Model Viewer seems to be broken atm. It’s hlmv.exe.