TF2 shell ejection and muzzleflash

Putting the finishing touches on my TF2 skin, The Silent Assassin. Right now I’m trying to make a shell ejection and custom muzzleflash. The flash and shell bones are in place and my shell model is positioned how it should be but I"m lost on how to make it eject.

1.Can I even use a custom shell model with the eject animation? That’s what I’m trying to do.
If not, then how is brass ejection handled in TF2 anyway?

2.Can I use a custom muzzleflash texture specifically for my skin, so that it doesn’t effect others?
Also, how do I make flashes show up anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

Never mind the shell, figured it out.

In order to use a custom shell mesh on a TF2 skin, I had to:
1.Create a shell bone
2.Link it to the main gun bone, “frame” in this case
3.Create a dummy and link it to the shell bone
4.Skin the shell bone and dummy to my shell mesh
5.Animate the shell dummy using auto key on the existing shoot.smd
6.Hide the gun/sleeves mesh, but leave the shell.
7.Export it as shoot.smd, of course.

Hopefully that might help someone; I know I was lost as crap.

Now, how about that muzzle flash?