Tf2 skins in Gmod

I’ve made some skins, and I wanna make screenshots. Since I don’t have the weapon I skinned, it’s a bit hard to make screenshots and if I actually could add that skin on the weapon I’m using in gmod, that would make it much easier and better to make screenshots.

So… My question is, if I have any skins for weapons, players or whatever in TF2, is it possible to use those in Gmod too?


I’m sorry, I didn’t see that “Help and support” forum. I’'ve made this topic inside there instead, but I dunno how to delete this one.

Yes. You would have to put them in the Gmod folder instead of the TF2 folder in the case of using a reskin in a Gmod screenshot. Although, you can’t really use the original weapon until you remove the reskin from the folder.

Unless you have enough knowledge to separate the reskin from the original, then you have to do what I mentioned above.

Thanks for the answer, but I didn’t really understand it, sorry.

It’s not that I have enough knowedge to do it, but I’m just horrible at English.
But you have me a little tip on how I could do it, but it didn’t work. It was to add the skin and model the same way as I add models in gmod, but in the spawn list inside gmod it says that it doesn’t find the models.