TF2 Sniper Rifle skin/model request

If any able bodied person out there would be kind enough to create a model/skin for the sniper rifle in TF2 to make it like Doc. Emmet Brown’s rifle from Back to the Future 3.
Some images to use as reference.

[h2]IMPORTANT: Note the sights at the end of the barrel. If you can’t tell, use the film, via youtube, or video, as a reference.[/h2]

[h2]IMPORTANT: Note the overall length and notice at the end of the barrel where the sights go. Notice the size.[/h2]

As for animations, don’t make a crappy animation like this one don’t turn the gun sideways then cock it, then bring it back up.
Make him lower the gun, tilt slightly, cock it, then come back up. or like what this guy does

Don’t worry about sound, I’ll take care of it, but if you want you can add your own.

If you wish for me to fuck off and get a life or learn how to do it yourself, I don’t care what you think, just asking for some friendly help.

So, if you think you’re up to the challenge, proceed. If someone DOES manage to do it, thank you.



No. That’s the bad one I mentioned in the first youtube vid. and besides, it doesn’t look anything like it.

There’s a model if anyone wants to do this request

You’d have a better chance asking the person who made it to put it on different animations, or ask him to give permission to someone else to do it, considering re-rigging animations requires permission from the author.

This might help as well.

It’s just a model not an actual skin for anything. He just wants you to give credit and link to the original upload if you modify it as well so I don’t think he would mind anyone messing around with it. Anyways Drewsko’s link is a more finished one then the one I posted

Thanks. Nice find.

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I’ll check it out. Thanks.

If anyone can UV map this and finish it, that would be a big help.

Im making a weapon for the TF2 workshop, if i could use this model it would be great. I can give them this url to tell them that you helped. please reply soon.If i dont get i reply i will still upload it to the workshop with the propper credit to mr.lobo and the rest of you guys.

        Many Thanks,

Four years. This post literally hasn’t been updated in a day past four years. Use the lost downloads thread next time.