Tf2 snow problem

I’m having problems with the snow in my map, where there is, i’m guessing, supposed to be some kind of reflection, i’m getting the evil purple and black checkerboard:

I thought maybe cubemaps were the problem, but i built them, and it still gives me the checkerboard, while everything else is normal:

Is there a “snowflake” sprite youre missing? look in hammer.

Are you generating snow by the traditional method? TF2 uses particle emitters for snow and rain.

are you using the snowfall setting or ash/snow

I had the exact same problem, Lord Ned gave me a fix:

Fix is in post number 10.

I think some of you are thinking that i’m having a func_precipitation / particle problem, thats not it. Its something on the ground texture thats causing the issue

i looked at that before posting this, but it didnt work for me :frown: