[TF2] Soda Models (Bonk! Atomic Punch)

Requesting a hex of Bonk! Atomic Punch into the following:

  1. A can of Root Beer (if you make a model, then make it into a bottle rather than a can, if you simply skin the bonk can, that works too)

The model file should be at “models/c_root_beer/c_root_beer.mdl”

  1. A can of Mountain Dew (again, if it’s a new model, make a bottle, if it’s a skin, a can will do)

Model file should be at “models/c_soda_dew/c_soda_dew.mdl”


It probably goes without saying but if it’s a new model it should fit snugly in the scout’s hand as a Bonk! Atomic Punch replacement.

Thanks to anyone who helps.