TF2: Soldier? portrait

It’s been a long time…

well, it’s just something i’ve made for my friend, who usually takes Soldier, Medic or Engineer and spends all the time on ctf_2fort 8)

Shadows are weird,i know - it’s my first work with Wacom Bamboo. >.<


A bit creepy with the stare, but it looks REALLY good! Have an Art.

I also set it as my background.

you know,you should make new avatars with this : new event!

its nice, but it has a really saturated look on it

this looks really well made, the face looks terrific

Its just plain awesome.
Your TF2 Pictures are even better than Enhanced ones.

i knew. ) i just wanted his eyes to be… err… i don’t know, unreal )

a bit desaturated & darkened eyes:


also, thanks, guys 8)

The edges… The smoothing…


Komai, Komai, it’s very, very, very, very, very, very AWESOME !111!!

Holy hell! Soldier is Mr.Gepetto!

Holy fucking shit you completely changed the face!


He’s starting to look a lot like what he does in the great zombie apocalypse.

it seems like you hand paint a lot of the details in.

only his eyes 6_6

well, the source was good too, wasn’t it? %)

Thanks, but i don’t think so - i hardly can keep Valve’s visual style )

He looks like a child molester in the edited version No offense , but that’s really good work

He really reminds me of that conductor from “The Polar express”.