TF2 style

Some one can do any model in tf2 syle
examples this pack

in tf2 style txt

What? Those aren’t even TF2 style.


Or do you want someone to put the shaders on one of those models?

I don’t understand what you mean redman

you see tf2 style gman ecc I search s-low models in this syle

What the hell are you talking about
TF2 Gman isn’t in that pack.

you really think

who is the man in this pictures



Then why did you link to the playermodel/NPC pack?

because i want thet model in tf2 style ?

yes? what question do you?

English wins the day

Why dont you tell us what you’re looking for, In english

he wants the player models in that pack to use the tf2 art styled textures

You know, it actually has a name: cel-shading

English, Motherfucker. Do you speak it?

TF2 doesn’t use cel-shading.

Someone slap this guy with a dictionary, and fast!

My bad, I was sure that the style of artwork was called cel-shading, though. What is it called?

lightwarps and rimlighting

I see. That pack at the top he wanted in TF2 style. And that’s what his request was. It’s just you guys didn’t understand and took a thousand posts trolling instead of trying to help. If I knew how to do this I would myself, but it seems all I can do is explain what he meant.