TF2-styled Requests -- Freedom Fighters

Hello, hello. I am just in need of two possible models that I am hoping to use for a current work of art, or what you “new” kids call a machinima. Now, what I would much like is to have these two characters in the same style and design that Team Fortress 2 is currently looking like. It should follow the same color of the palate their designers have wanted it to look like:

I hope that you only use this when there are sharp contrast from the norm colors of gray, black, or white. These are just to keep it in the same grainy texture of that of Freedom Fighters, but fit the standards of the Team Fortress 2 design.

The first character I would love to see modeled is “Isabella Angelina” I would like her to follow the BLU scheme just so that she would appear similar to her allies.

The other character I would like is “Tatiana Kempinski” (Yup, rolls just off the tongue). I would like her to follow the RED scheme so that she could portray a more “RED” personality.

Video of Tatiana

Again, I share my deepest gratitude if any of you brave glorious bastards could complete my request. I salute you who try, and I admire those who accomplish this.