TF2 swamp props

Can someone make props of the swamp theme pack.


There is the airboat from the pack, I wonder how to get the rest

row boat

um, download button on the link?
or does it not work?

The files are all in VMF files

but thats a map file…

I downloaded it but I only got maps.
Still don’t know where the props are.

I’m pretty sure that most of the swamp “props” are really brushwork. I know there are some that are models, though. I’ll package them up later if I have free time from all the beta testing I have to do.

Don’t bother, I’ve already got it all done. I"m just waiting for the upload.


Okay, here’s your swamp props with a handy spawnlist.

Link’s dead.
Friggin Filefront.

Works fine for me.
Maybe its a region related problem?

Huh… it’s working now…
alright what the carp.