tf2 sweps for gmod AND dod ones

ok, there are currently tf2 sweps and a realistic dod one, i will be happy if someone can only do one and someone else does the other- but i need the sweps to be

1: useable by npcs, but i can understand if some of the strangely animated ones arent (miniguns for example)

2 no t poses, change the anims to the nearest ones that match, for example there is no “club” animation for tf2 hitting weapons- but the crowbar animations are fine

3 in the correct buckets, for example the demos grenade launcher is in the first bucket in tf2 (i think they are called buckets) but in gmod this isnt very good as that is where your phys gun and me-lee weapons are, so it needs to go to the 5th one with all the other explosive weapons are.

4 tf2 weps need tf2 and dod needs dod, none of those two need counterstrike,