Tf2 td

this was the game mode i had the most fun in, with the death of pulsar effect does anyone know if it’s ever gonna come back?

sadly no, its not coming back.

The only way it will come back is that if hunts gives it to one of the ex-superadmins of pe, or some one else he trusts.

I would love to see it come back in action but it is like a 99% chance it wont.

However, there IS someone making a TF2 TD gamemode for TF2 itself.

I will see if I can get my hands on it, hunts should trust me enough with it.

You’re british. Why would I?

I would release it if it didn’t require so many things for it to work. You need the gamemode itself, the PE addon, a mysql database with correct configuration and tables, and an entrance server (GMP). It’s a headache to configure and get running smoothly, and I don’t think anyone would get it running.

I could probably get it running. But you’d have to release it first. :slight_smile:

The only thing some people would need would be GMP and TF2 TD. People could re-construct the Mysql database and there are a few places where you can get the Pulsar Effect Addon.

If some one could code it i would love them for ever and ever :smiley: