TF2 Texture FIX

One click Texture Fix for TF2 maps loaded in GMOD.

Have fun.

Files are packed into exe by WinRar.


Not only is it less efficient, but it’s also very suspicious to use exes.

What exactly does it fix anyway

I smell teh trojan.

It is in exe files so that is easy for you to switch between TF2 and HL2 textures.
If you dont belive me just scan it or open in winrar.

You do realize that scanning doesn’t always clear it as safe eh?

Upload the normal file without the .exe, then people might download it.

Nobody trusts .exe’s on

It’s probably real, who’d waste their time?

All it does is copy the Glass and concrete textures from TF2 to Gmod, anyone with half a frontal lobe could do it.

You should probably add the blood particles and splatters as well.

I already made on a long time ago