TF2: The final hours

I tried to restrict myself from posting it but I couldn’t restrict myself well enough.

My idea was what if I crossed a classic game from my past and a game I play currently?
The end result was this. Now I’m not usually a video maker and, as you can probably tell, am sloppy at putting together a video.
I was thinking of characters speaking and not just the music but seeing as I only have the Windows 7 edition of WMM, it is not possible to have more than 1 track at a time.
You can have more than 1 track, however, you must render the video with music first and then open it up and edit the voices into it. This crossed my mind in the first video but the time it took to render the first time made me reconsider.
Anyways without further ado here it is:

And the second short part that hasn’t really got TF2 in it but is taking place in the same dimension:

Constructive criticism would be more helpful then straight out flaming/trolling as I am fairly new to making Gmod videos.

I apologize if I have wasted your time

[sp]I posted this in the movies and that sort of crap thread before realizing there was a Gmod movie thread. For those who browse the TF2 general media thread might have also seen the first clip[/sp]

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Gah I should of specified in the thread title that it was made in Gmod so people didn’t think it was a replay

For anyone who cares here is the third part:

Engineer is pedophile!

I’m actually thinking of Engineer testing time travel on Link…

That’s good for your first couple gmod movies.

I watch a lot of good Gmodders. So I get inspired by them

That moon… IS CREEPING ME OUT. :pwn: