Tf2: "The Return of the Jedi"

yeah yeah, the posing is wonky, blah blah blah

C&C not on the posing please… k thanks

Lighting looks good

Rebel maggots.

pretty epic.

Pretty nice, but the posing need some work.

I love the lightsabers, but I see some clipping with the spartan helmet and the body.

yeah i noticed that, but if i raise the helmet, it will look like he has a tall head

Nice effects

have palettes!

thanks, im starting to get into tf2 posing, its really fun… more to come i guess

get them better phys_models, they make the poses look nicer

i did, i just posed lazily

Wait, the return of the jedi?!

You mean team fortress two had jedi knights before?!

…Why was I not informed? :ohdear:

The fingerposing needs fixin’.

because this was way before you or your parents were even born…
only some, the “chosen ones” are , i guess, chosen to keep this secret and pass it on to one person… I myself chose to share it with facepunch

The effects are nice but the posing is very bad.


yeah i know, quick pose but i spent a pretty good amount editing it

Oh, okay then, thanks for letting us know.

I really like this!
You should’ve tried to make the surrounding darker.