Tf2 Themed Tank.



Is that the heavy’s face?! :ohdear:

Looks good yo.

It’s Hexed too.

The neck-face transition looks weird, it looks very TF2-ish thought.

Thank you John Marston

Nice job.

Was kinda expecting an Army Tank Tank though, but hey, first cartoony special infected!

always a plus.

At first thought, I thought you put the Spy’s head on the Tank’s body in the 2nd pic, rofl.

Nice! Now, I’m curious of something. How do you make something TF2-styled?

I was hoping this would be a real tank.

Why’s the soldier spychecking him? He’s got blue pants, he must be a teammate!


I am disapoint.

It needs Red Pants for Red Team

Inb4, Heavy replacement.

We need the pants to be team colors.

I’ll give you a red and blue version in a minute.



just switch em out when necessary, I don’t know how to make skin groups D:


Wait I have a better Idea


ok check the op

Looks great, it looks very TF2-themed, nearly perfect. But as the-dutch-guy said, the neck to body transition looks off.

Nice job mate

Thank you.