TF2 Tilt Shift: BLU base

Tilt-shifting effect is really hard to do in Gmod. :frown:

Looks brilliant.

Coolioolioop bro.

cool, looks really nice, but the bloom on the spy is way too excessive

I like it, good job Ilwrath

There is no bloom on the spy…

I think he meant the scout.

It was obvious!
He’s the red spy!

Never Heard of this so called “Tilt shift”

Pictures nice though.

Tilt shifting is a photography technique that applies a large amount of blur to a picture, making it look tiny.

Like this.

Nirrti Linked me to the Wikipedia page about it since I could be bothered to google it.

Camera Technique that makes everything look like a mini set.

Great work


A good attempt, but the tilt-shift effect could be better. Moving a bit more back and zooming in more might help.

Already at the map limit. But thanks everyone.

The tilt-shifting hasn’t come out at all but the picture is still very good regardless. I love the flamethrower effect and the bloom from it.

this is an amazing technique!


It looks like you took a screenshot from the game instead of Gmod.

tilt shifting?