Tf2 unloaded weapons?

I’m looking for unloaded/magless TF2 weapon models.
Like a magless smg with a seperate mag,a shotgun with its pump…pumped?
or a sniper rifle with the silde open for a new round to be put in or an opened grenade launcher/FaN.

Couldn’t you decompile the model, chop off the mags, seal up the gap, texture the sealed gap part to look like its looking into the cavity (bumpmaps would be useful for that) and then recompile it?

As for separate mags is there no ammo models in TF2 (i’ve not really looked around much in the TF2 models so i’m not sure).

huh i’m making a request because i don’t know how to do every things you just mentioned…-_-
as for the ammo models…no there isn’t

Fair enough. But what I said is what I think your after.

Actually you can make magless tf2 weaps with skins.

I can do this! Easily too! :v:

I’ll think about doing it later, I’m still working on CoDWaW stuff.


If i can ever be arsed i’ll do this, all it needs is a few alpha tricks