TF2 unlockable hats are black

The new hats that came out today show up pitch black in gmod.
Anyone else experiencing this problem?

I’m not having that problem with just the hats, every TF2 ragdoll short of Sniper and Pyro either are black-faced or completely pitch black.

tbh I hadnt spawned anything else from tf2, but yeah they are black faced :confused:

The only problem I have is the glass thing for the Medic. Oh and the Soldier’s medals ( Old one) has fucked textures

the faster that this gets fixed the better


I need my viking helmet!

Oddly, the player models come up solid black, but the HWM versions have normal textures on their faces/heads.

i have a similar problem when my computer tries rendering certain icons on some of my packs which never had this problem before, but its like the icons are corrupted or something since it keeps rendering itself everytime i press q. Restarting fixes the models but it comes back whenever it tries rendering the icon again. i would also like a solution to this

I’ve encountered this before, and it’s a different issue. Something with a malformed spawnlist or something like that. The icons tend to render properly in Browse view.

I too am experiencing the problems with black TF2 rag dolls and props.

I think everyone’s got the black TF2 characters glitch. They all look like they got covered in Tar or something now…

Didnt Valve mess something up wih the last TF2/DODS Update?


copy paste the vmts of the hat/s characters into the materials models , go into each vmt and deleate these lines.

	"$yellow" "0"



Enhanced, can you make a pack for us lazyites?

Yes, I already have it done.

I think that might mess up something else.

Kay enhanced, thanks, i’m really lazy, i even tried extracting the missing effects, no difference.

after furter experimenttation i can for sure say that only one line need to be removed, this one:
“$yellow” “0”
No errors, or fuck ups, tested.
Soo get the “blacked” material’s vmts in gmod, and get rid of that line…
or wait till AI upload da pack :V

Yeah only delete the yellow line./


or wait for me to finish.

The yellow line is the Jarate line. so somehow they fucked up Jarate.

not actually fucked, they jsut changed some values of it in update. and those values are
1)not working in gmod
2) never actaully were needed since you can’t see jarate effect in gmod at all