TF2 Unlockables swep?

After looking for new tf2 stuff I came across this and was hoping someone could please make these into sweps so they could be used as weapons!!! Includes everything from the Sniper vs spy update.

Hey, the coders dunno know how to set the viewpoint correctly, cause this, they arent able to do it…


Yeah, I already heared about that some of them were fixxed, but not all…

Maybe I’ll release my unlockables. :smug:

Please do. That would be good.

Yes, DO IT!

Mostly what I’m looking for is The Heavy boxing gloves, Snipers Huntsman+Jarate, Pyro Flaregun+axetigusher, and Spy Ambassador. If I could choose one, it would be the huntsman, 2nd would most likely be jarate (even though I suck at Sniper)

Im wondering, how are the c_models possible? it muct be done via hooking up the c_hands and c_animations to the c_model in the lua script… im clueless to how this is done, and i would to see these released aswell.

I seriouslly think someone should get on the c_models, would be a break through, and it would be something no one else has done. atleast… i dont think anyone else has done it, i know i havnt XD

Sorry for the bump, but i do really think someone needs to get on these, im still trying myself, thinking about c_NAME_arms and parenting the weapon entity to the arms, im still trying to work that out. - Dead Ringer.

what the hell… heh… thats nice, ill have to take a look

EDIT: Heh, the spys watches are v_models, not c_spy_arms then a hook, so… v_models arnt the same as Force a nature, or bonk, or the back burner, hope this is still going to happen…

Ugh… ive been experimenting for 3-4 hours, i still cant do it! GAH!!

oh my god… Ive been experimenting for almost a god damn day and i still cant get ANYTHING!!, ugh… if anyone can help, then thanks.