Tf2: Very Minor Gun Update

see these for laughs (not really)

rate and comment please :buddy:

Images wont load. :frown:

try again wanker

Ahh there we go.


A bonk, infused rocket-shotgun-sniper rifle-trumpet-gun? Where can I get one.

get the “Successfully Fucked a Developer” achievement

“*I build that”
*- Engineer

Nice weapon build there, looks intimidating.


looks nice, but what the hell is the spy doing?

He has been replaced by a bonk machine gun as a class.

and it’s mounted on a quadruped spy
what more could you ask?

Pretty cool idea but to me it seems like it should have some wheels to move it around with.

and is the reason the spy is there, he can crab walk

Minor gun update:smug: Nice work. The spy deserved it. He is TF2’s answer to Cap. Kirk. A horny mother fucker.



thanks for the comments to you guys and everyone else who commented, really appreciated them