TF2 VTF: Low quality textures?

Beforehand, sorry if this isn’t in the right section, I think it is, I don’t Facepunch much so I apologize for that ^^;
So basically not long ago I’ve gotten into hat modeling for TF2, I don’t really have any problems with it, except there’s been 1 thing that’s been bugging me: My custom textures come out in pretty shitty quality for hats.

So here’s what the materials on the hat look like (All of my custom hats have this texture quality):

And here’s what the normal texture looks like:

My .vmt is just that basic line of code you need to tell it where the vtf is, didn’t add anything else to it.

So my major question of the day would have to be: Is there anything I should add to my .vmt that would enhance texture quality? Or is TF2 just a cotton headed ninny muggins?
(Oh, and for the record I’m not a lazy bastard. My texture is shit quality because I’m aligning the texture with the head. Working on improving it atm.)

Cheers! :3


If this is for modelling, you want the modelling section.

Also, don’t sign your posts…

Shit, sorry.

and dont make a hat that doesnt fit the games style at all

Well technically it’s for my own personal use…


Just make it a higher resolution.

How exactly?

Its not a resolution size issue, its that he is probably importing it DX compression, which can mess up low-res images.

Use these import settings (If there’s translucency to it)

Or, if its just a plain texture

Hm, I tried both of those, but it didn’t change anything, the texture is still the same low quality… Unfortunately I won’t be able to really texture my stuff until I get this done, I’m still frantically searching on my part though :s

Make the image size of your texture huge.

Poor advice.
Don’t listen to this guy.

There’s a VTF flag that affects the overall rendering of the texture and removes whatever that sub-pixel filtering is. The guys who worked on that minecraft for gmod know what it’s called, so ask them or find the thread where it’s mentioned.

You talking about mipmaps?

It’s the Bilinear flag, isn’t it?

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No wait it’s Point Sample.

Look at minecraft textures’ vmt or the vtf flags

I remember looking for this a few months ago and I found no way to get rid of this interpolation between pixels. The only way I could think to to fix it is as HiddenMyst said, make the image big. The minecraft textures I’ve made are 512x512.