TF2: Way back home...

smth about Doomsday.
Photoshop isn’t worth 10/10, i know. I tried to edit this one the way the others do 8)

Fucking sexy.

Holy shit.

Suitable thread music…?

it’s more like

Oh, that is more awesome. I was mainly going for the title.

Wow, that’s really well done.

Your pics are the best.

Wow, the first time I looked at the screenshot, I was like “Mmmkay, that cool posing and editing”. Then I listened to the song and came back to the screenshot… I was all like wububububububu!

In other words : holy shit that is awesome!

may we see the original?


one more thing:
it’s beta. the shadows are weird, but there’s more blood +)

woah that looks fantastic

Holy fucking shit

I really like this.

This is.

Fucking Neat.

Looks painted.

How did you pose the lantern in mid air? When ever I move it the flame stays in the spot where I spawned it.

save & load 8) the flame will be in the right spot


I really like this, can I have you babies?

I demand a tutorial from you. (Yes, I’m desperate)