TF2: white room posing

I’m back!

I’ve finally registered on DeviantArt as Greypyro. So, this is a little story of me posing a new scene for a wallpaper

*special thanks go to DinosaurPirate for this grey skin )
[WARNING! Tons of Photoshop]

  1. meet the Pyro


  1. Pyro’s working


  1. Result


Hope you’ll like it 8)

Did you blur your aliasing?

The red scout in the last pics looks weird as fuck.

Great posing and editing.

Looks like it was rendered in Max, it’s just badass.

Amazing work that can only be truly appreciated when you click the comparison links.

I blured everything :smiley:

i know red one is weird, but i like him…

Komai,i told you already,stop being awesome and skillfull!

Fixing the models seem to be most of your editing.

I love it.


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That last one is pretty amazing

The scout’s changed faces are fantastic.

really really good editing

Beautiful as always Komai.

they are awesome, the models dont have square parts :smiley:

The editing makes me jizz

for sure. i can’t see their square parts, i can’t stand it X)

thank you, every1

Your edits are awesome. And I agree, I can’t stand the low poly-ness of the TF2 characters.

At first I didn’t see what was so great, but then I scrolled down. Very amazing shit.

Solid posing and isolation. Have art.

these are not even posed in gmod

it’s not hard to see if something is rendered in max or vray

Check comparison.