TF2 Yellow and Green Team updates? (plus others)

Hi there, a while back, someone hexed and released skins of the TF2 classes into Yellow and Green team skins (YLW and GRN?) on Possibly because TFC had those two teams as well? Idk, that’s just what I’ve heard. Anyhoo, I’ve noticed these models are outdated as far as bodygrouping goes, like, pre-Engi update bodygrouping (can’t use gunslinger on Engi, etc). In addition, the übercharged textures are still RED and BLU despite these being the YLW and GRN teams. Can someone possibly update this pack with current bodygroups and proper übercharged textures? I’d link to the packs (it’s split in two), but can’t, laptop’s outta commission, using my 3DS to check Facepunch.

While I’m on the subject of TF models, I’ve noticed that, not counting playermodels/npcs, the only TFC ragdoll pack is the RED team. Can someone get around to rigging and releasing the other team(s) models as ragdolls/props? Plus the OLD TFC models in the RED pack are all distorted, stretched and flat, pretty much impossible to use.

And for my final question, has anyone ported the Fortress Forever models to Gmod and publically released them? I’ve seen videos of the models and weapons being used in Gmod, but no release threads or dl links.

Thanks for reading.

Pardon the bump. Please, to scratch that part about the old TFC models, the NPC/Playermodel versions on are not distored and work perfectly, and I’ve also manually ported things from FF into my Gmod folder. Though I still have not seen anything regarding the YLW and GRN teams for both the old and new TFC models, nor BLU team for the new ones. The only models, aside from the outdated TF2 hexes mentioned, that have YLW and GRN intact are the Fortress Forever ones.

I’m still curious if anyone would be willing to update the YLW and GRN TF2 hexes. The bodygroups are, once again, pre-Engineer update, and the Ubercharge Textures are still RED and BLU despite the VMTs specifying for the Yellow and Green Ones.

I was in the progress of updating myself but due to computer troubles lost all of my progress.