can somone tell me how i allow peopel to youse tf2 and portal items on my server?
sorry for bad spelling, im Norwegan!

Well, you have to have them mounted to SRCDS, so do a

hldsupdatetool -command update -game “Portal” -dir C:\srcds
hldsupdatetool -command update -game “Team Fortress 2” -dir C:\srcds

in your CMD.

in wat directory do you need to be inn?

Open a CMD
Type cd C:\srcds
enter those two codes one at a time.

i went to the Comand promps and wrote inn “cd C:\srcds”
all i get is, can not find the path specified (probobly badly translated from Norwegan)

what file is it you need to navigate to?
is ot the thing that starts the server or is it the update tool?
if it is the startup thing, how do i navigate to desktop?

sorry for bad spelling, Im Norwegan

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i went to the place my update tool was stored and did the comands, but i can stil not youse Tf2 and portal on the server

please tell me where your server directory is located. Are you using SRCDS?
It should be something like programfiles(x86)>srcds.

the files for the server is in C:\gmod\orangebox
the startup and update tool is on my deskop as shortcuts
ther is too a startupfile where the game is stored
the original uddate tool is inn C:\Program Files\valve\HLServer

sorry for bad writing :frowning: