's Major Mapping Contest #10: A Tale of 2 Skillsets + 72hr Winter Classic Contest

Hi there, I’m theharribokid, one of the site staff at and we’ve got 2 Contests going one right now. First and foremost is our Major Mapping Contest #10:

Basically we want to make our contest easier to jump into for everyone, newbies or experienced mappers alike, by splitting it up this way is hopefully allows this to be slightly less of a time sink for the next 2-4 months than some of our previous contest and let people really learn detailing, something that most of our previous contests have made people rush to fit in if at all.
check out the main thread on our site here: for the full write up including rules and whatnot, feel free to post here too and i’ll answer the best I can but I ain’t running the contest personally just so you know.

Secondly, We’ve just once more started running a 72hr mapping Contest:

This is where almost anything goes and people try and see how much they can do in 72hrs with all of us playtesting them like crazy every few hours, this started ~2hrs ago and we have a cute little countdown on the top left of our site by the logo telling you how much time is left, full details on our site here: , Agian not me running this contest but I’ll answer all Q’s I can about it.

Wanna come map with us, maybe for either of our Contests? Here’s how you can get involved:

Come Register on the forums,, and come say hi. Join our Steam Group,, this is where we hang out as a community and there’s always people in our steam chat day nad night. This’ll also give you notifications in the form of Steam Events when we’re testing so you know when there’s action on our servers, now we normally post an event every 1 or 2 days for tests, this weekend while the 72hr contest goes on expect triple or quadruple that amount, just giving you a fair warning so people don’t whinge.

Feel free to ask me anything about us or whatever here, for more specific contest questions I suggest asking in the relevant threads for each contest posted above^
There is also basically the same thread posted in FP’s TF2 section here: but wanted to make sure you guys see this too and not barge into you WIP in WIP thread with this stuff.

Might hop in on stage two.

The 72hr Contest is over! This time we had 30 ENTRIES! The Map Pack is 176MB with all the .bsps - . Unzip the pack and stick the the .bsps into \Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2 f\maps folder and check them out!

Voting has started and will last for about 2 and a half weeks, go here to vote for them once you’ve played them More details on the voting in the thread

To finish here’s an image of each of the entries collected into an imgur folder for you to check out:

Bumping this to remind others that Phase Two started today.

Stage One Map Pool