's Upcoming 72hr contest and Major Contest #11 - Mercs vs Aliens

Hey there, it’s me again theharribokid. I’m one of the site staff at and agian we’ve got 2 Contests starting. First up we having our upcoming 72hr mapping contest:

So, as the lore-ish thing above says, we’re having our summer 72hr mapping contest this weekend, June 27th @4PM EST to June 30th @4PM EST, 2014. It’s a mad great challenge for new and old mappers alike to seriously focus on one project for a few days and see what comes out on the other side! It’s one of our favourite events as a community as everyone is working at the same time together, helping one another and as playtesters you get to see real, quick, iterative design at work as a results of the feedback recieved. All gamemodes are allowed and we have a whole host of people streaming their work as they go and some prizes for the winner and top 2 runners up. For some details including the rules and list of streamers so you can follow the action go here:

and with our 72hr contest starting us off we have our Major Mapping Contest #11 starting too, graciously sponsored by fellow emporium member and TF2 contributor, Roninsmastermix

So this is all about making a map where you eliminate the alien motherbase as shown above, the rules are slightly different from our 72hr contest, collabs/teams are allowed for this contest for instance. As for prizes we have our rare Mapper’s medallions as always and this year we have Vintage and Unique Lo-Fi Longwaves donated by our friends at Kritzkast aswell as a seriously hefty 500$ prize for the winner donated by Ronin. Alien Invasion themed assets will be arriving in the coming weeks and there a few reference models to start you off with for now, don’t be afraid to make you own of course though. For more details check out here:

And with that I just want to say thanks for reading all that and please check out our steam group if you are interested in helping playtest any of these maps or making one of them yourself! We all hang out in the steam group chat and test regularly (as some of you in TF2’s Major Update Speculation are more than aware) and announce on there all our non-super secret map tests for people to join and have fun. Any questions on anything feel free to ask!

Sounds like a lot of fun hope to see some great stuff come out of both of them!

Time to begin concepts.