TF2's physics

Is there any way to make clients able to push physics objects in TF2?
Because currently, all that can happen is they either block you or pass through you (preventing you from moving along the way).

Isn’t there a flag on prop_physics saying something about pushing?


Only thing I can think of is setting the light to really really light. Or triggers set on each side.

I thought the Gen output on +use ment it would push it?

In tf2 you would bind mouse3 +use

All the +USE button does is make you grab it if it’s small.

I want it so you can just push it by walking into it, like in every other Source game out there.

+USE can be used to roll around physics objects like barrels and dropped weapons in TF2, so you might be able to push around other objects.

But what I was wondering was if there was a way to have the object (a ball in this case) not roll straight through you and instead hit you and either stop rolling or hurt you for physics damage.