TF3 Megatron for Gmod Assistance

Just wanted to write saying that I have currently installed Wall Worm and I am working on getting TF3 Megatron to Gmod to start things off for me. Recently, I have ran flat against a wall. I used the Wall Worm export tool to make a reference SMD, a VTA file, and a sequence smd file(all of which I named the same, oddly enough). I seem to be missing something to make this into a full-blown model. Anyone know how to check the collision-mesh thing? Anyone know how to set this up for Wasp’s QC Generator?

Here is a pic of what Megatron looks like now:

Oh, and there is NOTHING I can do about the chains wrapped around his chest to make them look better. To add to that, is there a way to make his fusion shotgun that’s on his back detachable so that he could pose with it in his hands?

EDIT: For reference on extracting paths for Fall of cybertron and Umodel, I’ll keep this dinosaur of a thread for reference:

Note: Sorry for making this another thread, but I really, REALLY like to get this guy done and over with so that I can try to move on to the others. Spent way too long trying to get him to work.

UPDATE: With some dumb luck:v:(all I did was hit the ‘Export Model’ button while making the surface property metal), I seem to have it exported to Source. Now I can’t seem to find it on the Source Model Viewer in SDK. I have the path in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\MySteamName\sourcesdk_content\ragdollmegatron\modelsrc\myproject esting
But this doesn’t seem to show up when I try to open it. Nothing happens, no error signs, no purple textures, just nothing to see. Anyone know what I might have done wrong, besides being a dumb modder?:v:

It’s not in <username> anymore, check steamapps/common.

Not seeing anything after you compile (in my experience) is lack of texture file in game folders and/or incorrect texture naming on model.